Discovery vouchers may be distributed by partners at special events or directly on their website. 

These are trial codes offering limited functions on the site that allow you to have a first look of the Gold membership.

Thanks to this introductory subscription, you will be able to :  

- Read the first 15 seconds of a public video

- Write 1 testimonial

- Save 1 search

- Send 5 messages per day

- Open 10 messages received

- Send 10 favorites

- Viewing limited to 15 minutes of liveshow per live

- Albums and photos: Only access to the default album and the first 5 photos of the album

- Private album opening: the user can open his private album but cannot see a private album that is open to him

- Participate to 1 simultaneous event

- Create 1 trip

- No comments on photos

- No filters (messaging, visits)