Wyylde and its social networks

Modified on Fri, 07 Jul 2023 at 05:16 PM

Wylde is also present on various social networks, always in the same spirit of freedom, respect and sexuality.

  • Instagram 

Our Instagram page reflects our vision of sexuality, which is that to be lived to the full, sexuality must be lived freely. Our posts and videos are educational, informative and even a little humorous, with the aim of democratising sexuality that has been restricted for too long. 

We want to convey values of respect, freedom and kindness so that our subscribers can learn and inform themselves in an inclusive, non-judgemental space. After all, the point of our work on the networks is to help people understand that everyone is free to think, do, say, have fun and enjoy themselves, while always respecting others.

  • Tiktok

Our Tiktok account was created with the aim of making people laugh and having fun. 

With a less serious tone than our other social networks, this account is dedicated to humour. The aim is always, in each of our videos, to make sexual exploration seem progressive and non-taboo. We believe that humour is always a good way of helping to free people up to speak out and to change attitudes, particularly on subjects such as sexuality, fantasies, desires and so on.

  • Twitter

Our Twitter account is all about maximum engagement. Every day, we post content (most of which takes the form of polls). We like to encourage reflection and debate in a non-judgemental space that brings together thousands of followers who share the same vision of sexuality.

Once again, we're playing our part in freeing speech on this subject, and we give our subscribers a great deal of freedom to express their opinions in the form of photos, videos, text or GIFs. Thanks to our posts, they can debate in a respectful way and learn about certain practices.

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