I can't connect to my account

Modified on Mon, 11 Dec 2023 at 01:29 PM

If you encounter a connection problem, you should first check how you registered on the site.

For registration via social sign in, please read this article.

If you register using an e-mail address, there are a number of ways of blocking your access.

  • The problem is with my login 
  • I get the error message "Incorrect username/password".

Please note that you must log in using your username and password, not your e-mail address. You should also check that there are no spaces before or after your username and password. 

If all these steps have been followed to the letter, please refer to the section below : 

  • I have forgotten or lost my login details

If you have lost or forgotten your login details, you can request a password reset e-mail by clicking on the Forgotten password option and entering the e-mail address associated with your account. 

In the e-mail you receive, your username will appear, so you can read it again or check its correct spelling to be able to log in.

If necessary, here are links to further articles: I don't receive the email to reset my password, and I don't know my username anymore.

  • The problem comes from the site

If the problem you're experiencing stems from the site itself: a blank page, endless loading, etc., you need to contact our service department via our FAQ, or the Support section of the site, located on the home page (at the very bottom of the page). 

We'll then need to know more about the steps you've taken when trying to connect, the step at which you're experiencing difficulties, the device and browser you're using, and screenshots of the situation.

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